to those who understand,
i extend my hand,
to the doubtful i demand,
take me as i am.

not under your command,
i know where i stand,
i won't change to fit your plan,
take me as i am.

dream theater: as i am

otherkin? what the...?

otherkin are people who, for whatever reason, believe that they are in some way not entirely human.
it is not known why some people awaken to be otherkin at some point in their lives (usually between age 15 and 25), and it is very hard to explain to non-kin what it feels like. especially people with a kin type that differs greatly from a human being have a hard time coping with their human life, the body they live in, and the society around them.

here's a short and incomplete list of otherkin types, and a little explanation (that doesn't necessarily have to be true for all individuals):

if you want to know more, i recommend reading through the faq and article section of otherkin alliance.

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