i am chaos. i am the substance of which your artists and scientists build rhythms. i am the spirit with which your children and clowns laugh in happy anarchy. i am chaos. i am alive, and i tell you that you are free.

about kahoku

i'm known by many names. kahoku is the one i usually go by, but i'll also react to "cookie demon", "nefaz", or "chris".

born on a sunday in november 1982, i'm now right in the middle of my twenties, studying computer science at the vienna university of technology. in my sparetime i love to play rp/larp/mmorpg, read, browse the numerous forums i'm in, and much more.

officially religionless, i consider myself buddhist (with some elements from shamanism, discordianism, and chaos magic).

this is what you would find on my cv.

many people claim to know me, few of them have an idea of what is going on inside me. and even if i told them, they wouldn't believe me. and even if they would believe me, they wouldn't understand what it means if i say...

...i'm a demon inside.


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