to those who understand,
i extend my hand,
to the doubtful i demand,
take me as i am.

not under your command,
i know where i stand,
i won't change to fit your plan,
take me as i am.

dream theater: as i am

Demon Subtypes

i was asked about demon subtypes lots of times, now i tried to compile something with no claim to completeness or accuracy.

you cannot put a demon into exactly one category. there are lots of "subtypes" you could define, and even then half the demons would say they're not part of (exactly) one of these. moreover, types can change during a demon's lifetime.

but i have seen this question a couple of times recently, so i'll try to give you some general categories to work with:

as i said, these categories practically don't exist. no demon is exactly one of these, most combine several traits, and there are surely some who don't fit into any of these "subtypes". it's just for those who like to work with labels.

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